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Air-Tite insulation offers several types of insulations. We offer the Cellulose Wallspray System, a sprayed in place cellulose insulation with adhesive that is a super efficient insulation and seals all gaps and voids very well. A polyurethane spray foam which seals cracks, gaps, and voids by expanding 120 times its volume into a semi rigid insulation and air seal. We offer the traditional Fiberglass Batt insulation for walls and ceilings as well as Blown in Fiberglass and Blown Cellulose Insulation for attics.

We offer, Metal Building Insulation as well as fiberglass batt insulation for the DIY homeowner.

Air-Tite offers you at no cost an insulation survey to see if you need more insulation in your attic due to settling or in older homes which may have never had insulation installed in the walls and/or attic. We can drill and fill the exterior walls with cellulose insulation if they are not insulated, to create an energy efficient home and help save you money.